International Tokyo Toy Show 2018 Product list

■At International Tokyo Toy Show 2018 we will be selling 52TOYS’ BeastBox series products at our booth(booth number 2-11) on public day.

The must-buy product this time is ”DELTA Neon Blue” and ”MOMA Metal Wartale Iron Saga special collaboration ver.”

Please don’t miss this chance to get these event limited ver. products.

※Event limited ver. products are limited to 2 per customer.

Every purchase will come with one 52TOYS original sticker.

Below are all the products that will be for sale.
※ All products with the following mark () are sold at event price.

1《Event Limited》MOMA Metal Wartale Iron Saga special collaboration ver. (2500 YEN)

2《Event Limited》DELTA Neonblue (2500 YEN)

3《Event Limited》DIO Mahjong Set Red Tile Green Tile White Tile (5000 YEN)

4  DIOMahjong Green Tile Ver. (2000 YEN)

5  DIO Normal Color (1400 YEN)

6  DIO Neon Blue Color (1400 YEN)

7  DIO Police Color (1400 YEN)

8  BB02 Ghost Dog (1400 YEN)

9  BB03-JOJO Original (1400 YEN)

10  BB03-Flame JOJO (2500 YEN)

11  MOMA Original (2500 YEN)

12  MOMA Elephinx (2500 YEN)

13  MOMA Neon Blue (2500 YEN)

14  MOMA B.B.F.D. (2500 YEN)

Any purchase of 5000 YEN and up will be elligible for credit card payment.

On behalf of all Milestone staff, we look forward to seeing at the event.

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